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We pledge ourselves to raise funds, by sponsoring different projects, and to solicit donations of time, talent, services, gifts and dollars from all concerned.  These much needed funds will be principally channeled to the major pediatric research centers of Western New York to help find a cure, and eventually the prevention of the types of cancers which attack children.

The reward for joining the battle against childhood cancer comes when you see children with little hope for survival being cured through new treatment and drug protocols. Because of  your  help, children will be given the chance of a lifetime, the chance to live, to grow up healthy and strong.

Remember that cancer is the number one disease killer of our children. Wishing it away just doesn't work. It's a disease of the young and innocent that can strike without rhyme or reason and brings untold pain, suffering and grief to victims and loved ones. Please take an active part in dealing with the problems and help us make a difference.

Please send a tax deductible donation to us so we can help some special kids. Come Join the battle against Childhood Cancer. It is the hardest job you'll ever love.

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