AROCC was founded in 1971 by parents who had children who were being treated for cancer or who had a child who lost their life to this number one disease killer. The Association was chartered by New York State in that year as a not-for-profit corporation whose primary purpose was to fund the major pediatric research centers in Western New York.

The Founding Fathers: . The group was originally called together by Dr.  Lucius Sinks, Director of Roswell Park Pediatrics. The charter members were: Phyllis and Don Winkle, Robert and Jean Halicki, Charles and Pat Moll, Ken and  Betty Vosburgh, Merrick and Mary Hayes, Ange and Cheryl Tabone, Dr. Lucius Sinks, Marge Penny, Karen Dudas, and Mary Moody.

AROCC is run by  all volunteers and thus has no administrative costs.  This maximizes your contributions towards pediatric cancer research!

AROCC is often asked, "Why do you compete against national cancer  organizations"? Actually we compliment rather than compete. We discovered that doctors are unable to apply for grant monies until they have initiated a  project, can report upon its progress, and submit their work to see if it is  worthy of being supported. We seized the opportunity to act as a catalyst by providing "seed" money" for pilot projects... to get things started.

The Association is also aware of a critical shortage of doctors, basic scientists, nurses, and other support personnel working in the field of cancer diagnosis, research,  and treatment. Our secondary goal to provide educational grants to  attract promising new students to study cancer thereby increasing the ranks of  these critically needed professionals.

AROCC solicits funds from all segments of the Western New York community and allocates these monies principally to the research centers located here and directly benefiting the locale in which the source of funds is derived. Since  1971 we have raised over $2,500,000.00 which has been or is being used for:

  • Research and clinical investigation.
  • Fellowships.
  • Laboratory equipment and supplies.
  • Pediatric Oncology Symposiums.
  • International Conferences on Care and Treatments.
  • Parent/child publications to better understand the medical and emotional challenges they must overcome.
  • Public awareness and advocacy

The Association has a Medical/Scientific Advisory Board consisting of clinicians and basic scientists who review research proposals submitted by the medical community and make funding recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The Association has a Community Advisory Board consisting of business, government and professional leaders who advocate strong, broadly based community and institutional commitment, in the fight against childhood cancer. They provide advice to the Board on what type of fund raising activities would best suit our  community.

AROCC fund raising activities include the following:

  • Holiday Hero an annual campaign in which AROCC members contributes money to the Association in lieu of traditional greeting cards and/or holiday gifts. AROCC in turn extend seasons greetings for them in the local media
  • Memorial & Donations: contributions in memory of or in honor of others are gratefully accepted and acknowledged
  • Race to Cure Childhood Cancer, in Memory of Jeff Casterline
  • Annual Rock and Roll Dance to Cure Childhood Cancer
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Community Groups (eg.Tri Five, Lancaster Honor Society, North Forest Civic Association, etc.) conduct fund raising activities and donate the proceeds to AROCC
  • Chapters – AROCC chapters raise funds in their communities for childhood cancer research
  • Golf Tournaments held locally with proceeds going to the Association
  • Foundations make contributions to support specific grants
  • Quarter Cure For Cancer - collection boxes are located around WNY
  • Munich Night Fundraiser - Chinese Auction, raffle, german food, band, at a local grove with proceeds going to AROCC
  • Gift Store - volunteers make hand crafted items for sale at various events
  • Carnival of Stars: Cooperative event with Camp Good Days which brings together local celebrities and sports stars to raise funds for research and direct patient support
  • A Day in the Country